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Fair Use Policy
Fair Use Policy
Avoiding The Temptations Of Plagiarism
As tempting as it may be to submit this model custom written essay, dissertation, or assignment as your own, this isn't how our service is designed to be used. To benefit from of any of our model answer services, you should take the model answer we provide as a basis for your own further research, and build on the knowledge within it to create your own, 100% original work.
We're passionate about education and we want you to get the most from your university education. Condoning plagiarism of the original model answer we provide would do a disservice to you, as it may prevent you from acquiring the knowledge you need when it comes to the module’s examinations.
How Should I Use The Model Answer?
Our model answer service gives students an example of how a specific question can be tackled. It may not be the only way the question could be approached, and indeed, you may form an entirely different view to the researcher, but the model answer will provide you with a strong starting point from which to conduct your own research and write your own work. On a step-by-step basis, the correct way to use our model answer is as follows:
  • • Read through the entire model answer so that you completely understand how the question has been answered.
  • • Re-read each section or paragraph within the model answer and make notes.
  • • Try to develop your own ideas and arguments from the notes you have taken.
  • • The next step is to locate the sources the researcher has used within the model answer and review them.
  • • Use these sources to help further your research by locating more relevant material.
  • • Read through all the information you have gathered and make further notes on what you want to include in your own work.
  • • Use the model answer that our researcher has created as a guide to producing your own work. For example, learn from the structure used, the range and quantity of sources used and the level of critical analysis applied within the work.
  • • Ensure that your final piece of work is 100% original and has been formulated using your own ideas and perspective.

This will take a bit more effort than simply submitting the model answer as your own work, but it does mean that you'll learn the topic thoroughly and will be prepared for your examinations.
本网站提供的模版文章仅仅是给学生提供一个如何解决具体问题的范例,但范例不是解决问题的唯一方法。事实上您完全很有可能会形成与范例作者完全不同的观点。范文仅仅是提供给您一个思路,从而更好的帮助您进行思考和研究并完成自己的功课。 为了更好的利用本网站提供的范文,EssayPhD建议您:
  • • 先通读整篇范文,理解范文是如何回答问题的。
  • • 再重点阅读范文中每一段落并逐段做笔记。
  • • 尝试从你的笔记中进一步思考自己的想法和论点。
  • • 逐条检查范文中的参考资料。
  • • 尽量查找更多相关材料,使用这些资料进行更深的研究。
  • • 通读您收集的所有资料,并记录您想研究探讨的内容。
  • • 借鉴本网站范文,例如学习范文的结构,使用的材料来源和数量以及文中的关键分析。
  • • 确保您的文章是100%原创的且想法和观点都是自己的。 尽管这将比简单的剽窃文章要花费更多的努力,但这才是真正的学习,也是本网站提供范文的初衷。这样会促使你真正的思考和练习,并通过这一步为您的考试做扎实的准备。

Can I Submit The Model Answer To My University?
No - handing in the work of a researcher is plagiarism because you are passing off someone else's words as your own. Even if you did make minor alterations to the researcher’s work, this would still be considered plagiarism; the work you submit to your university should be entirely your own. The custom research we provide will be of far greater benefit to you if you use it in accordance with this Fair Use Policy. You'll improve your grade, learn how to write a great piece of work and feel a great sense of satisfaction for having done a good job.
不可以 - 把本网站范文署名为自己文章并提交给任何第三方都属于剽窃行为,即便你对范文做了适当的修改。提交给校方的作业应该完全是你自己原创的。只有正确利用本网站的范文才能给您带来学习上真正的提高。帮助您学习如何写出一份精彩的文章是本网提供范文的初衷。

ESSAY PhD擅长于各类学科写作,为全球留学生提供优质论文代写服务。
全PhD团队为您提供最优质的论文代写服务。我们团队的PhD几乎涵盖各个学科,覆盖全球各个TOP大学。我们将根据作业的要求,为您亲手制定唯一的原创论文。提供TURNITIN和WRITECHECK抄袭检测报告。ESSAY PhD提供一对一指导交流服务,如果您对论文有任何不懂,可以直接和PhD写手联系。我们提供辅导服务,直到您理解掌握为止。我们承诺,用最大的努力满足您对学习的要求。

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