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这是我们在2017年为加拿大温哥华大学的学妹代 写的一篇哲学论文,这篇文章获得了85分高分,经得客户同意我们节选部分展示。首先开头部分introduction介绍文章的背景信息,指出温哥华分区委员会最近通过一项动议,禁止在温哥华水族馆使用动物作娱乐目的。该议案获得通过是因为公园委员会认为使用动物产生的利润违反了动物权利,并且在道德上被禁止。

这篇温哥华哲学论文代写课程编号PHIL 120,涉及专业知识并不深,主要考核学生research paper写作能力。需要阅读相应的academic resource,考察基本的philosophy知识。以下是温哥华哲学论文代写的范文:

The Vancouver Part Board recently passed a motion which banned the use of cetaceans for entertainment purposes on Vancouver aquarium. The motion is passed due to the Park Board believes using animal to generate profit violates animal rights and is morally forbidden. Kant’s moral philosophy has provided us with some very valuable and profound considerations regarding the morality in human society and he also discussed his thoughts on human’s duty towards animal in some of his texts. In this article, I am going to introduce Immanuel Kant’s position on animal right and argue alongside with some of Kant’s most fundamental concepts such as “good will” “categorical imperative” in his moral philosophy to argue against the decision made by the Vancouver Part Board, such decision will never be justified in Kant’s moral system.


关于这篇温哥华哲学论文代写body部分,kant通过常识中建构来分析道德原则体系,他确立了善意的概念。 善意不受限制,不拘泥于人才(理解,智慧,判断力)、气质(勇气,决心,毅力)、财富(权力,荣誉,健康)等等。这些角色可以吸引人,但也可能被用于邪恶和有害的目的。

Kant analyzed the system of moral principles by constructing from commonsense of good. He established the concept of good will. Good Will is good without limitation, must be separate from talents (understanding, wit, judgement); temperament (courage, resolution, perseverance); gift of fortune (power, riches, honor, health) etc. Such characters can appeal to good but may also be used for evil and harmful purpose. Even if the concept of power, riches or health that usually associate with happiness can produce harm unless for good itself. A good will is the highest spectrum no matter what effect a good will can brought up or what end can it achieve.


Apparently, Kant would disagree on the decision made by Vancouver Park Board from every aspect. In the given text, there is no evidence to show that people in the aquarium conducted any cruelty towards the cetaceans in which cruelty will lead to damage in humanity, therefore, the Vancouver Park Board’s decision will be dismissed if Kant’s theory is applied. From my perspective, Kant’s moral philosophy is comprehensive while consistent and has a contemporary touch to our nowadays’ society as well. The relation between human and animal has been set up for thousands of years even though there are some misconducts that fortuitously emerge but Kant’s theory provided us a way of thinking to questioning our humanity and to help us achieve the good will. Therefore, under the given condition that I think there is no need for the Vancouver Park Board to process such ban, after all, an aquarium have much potential to be a good place for human to shine their humanity.

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